Identification Code Title Realization Period
GA16-16406Y Geosiphon pyriformis - a unique arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus which forms an endosymbiosis with cyanobacteria and arbuscular mycorrhiza 2016 - 2018
GIANT ALIEN: Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mategazzianum) a pernicious invasive weed: Developing a sustainable strategy for alien invasive plant management in Europe 2002 - 2005
Glacial, periglacial amd palaeoecological evidences of the landscape evolution in the Krkonoše Mts. 2006 - 2008
grant na BF JčU České Budějovice
Harmonization of UAS techniques for agricultural and natural ecosystems monitoring (HARMONIOUS) 2017 - 2021
DF12P01OVV025 Herbaria as a national cultural heritage – type material of lichens described from the territory of the Czech Republic, their identification, digitization and on-line presentation 2012 - 2015
GA 17-17909S Hiden human prehistoric activities in the mountains. Archaeological and pollen evidence from the Šumava Mountains. 2017 - 2019
Hieracium in the Czech Republic and Slovenia 2005 - 2006
How does genetic variation change during biological invasion? A study of Pinus strobus 2007 - 2009
How much genetic variation is stored in the seed bank? A population genetic consequences of a seed dormancy 2007 - 2010
GA17-09283S Humans as nature: anthropogenic legacy in temperate forest ecosystems 2017 - 2019
GAP504/11/0783 Hunters or gardeners? Probing plant-microbe interactions in rootless carnivorous Utricularia from a transcriptomic perspective 2011 - 2014
Hybridisation within the wheat (Triticum aestivum) - Elytrigia intermedia - E. repens species complex: a probable case of crop – wild relative gene flow. 2005 - 2007
GA206/09/1471 Charakteristiky druhů jako determinanty vlastností společenstev a ekosystémových funkcí v bylinných společenstvech s manipulovaným druhovým složením 2009 - 2012
č.j. 13479/ENV/13_1088/330/13 Chotobuz Botanical Garden as an important ecotourism point of Průhonice 2013 - 2014
Identification of critical stages in life cycle at two critically endangered species of vascular plants, Dracocephalum austriacum and Gladiolus palustris 2005 - 2006
Impact of habitat fragmentation on Afromontane forest bird community 2007 - 2009
GA526/08/0706 Impact of insect herbivore guilds on plant population dynamics. 2008 - 2011
Impact of precipitation changes on plant and soil processes in different grassland ecosystems 2006 - 2008
CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0305 Implementation of science and research in education 2012 - 2015