Folia Geobotanica


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Folia Geobotanica is a scientific journal dealing with plant ecology and systematics. Its primary focus is on contribution to knowledge of plant species and their relationship to its structured environment.
Areas covered by the journal include the following:

  • comparative ecology
  • patterns and processes in vegetation
  • links between systematics and plant ecology
  • experimental taxonomy and biosystematics

Folia Geobotanica publishes papers from both observational and experimental research.

Slavomil Hejný and Jaroslav Moravec established the journal in 1966 (under the name Folia Geobotanica & Phytotaxonomica), in what was then the Institute of Botany of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. From 1994 to 2007 the journal was published by Opulus Press. From 2008 it is published by Springer. The journal quickly found its place in the world of botany and plant ecology. The journal’s international editorial board and demanding admissions process ensure a high-quality publication. Folia Geobotanica also publishes special monothematic editions that often stem from activities at international conferences geared toward a specific problem.

Thematic issues

year volume/issue editor/s type topic & link
1998 33/3 Jindřich Chrtek and Karol Marhold Forum Species concept in agamic and autogamic complexes
1999 34/1 Karol Marhold, Bernhard Schmid and Frantisek Krahulec Special feature Ecology of closely related plant species
1999 34/4 J. Hans C. M. den Nijs, Karol Marhold and Herbert Hurka Special feature Plant evolution in disturbed habitats
2000 35/2 Johan Ehrlén and Brita M. Svensson Special feature Plant interactions, dispersal and community structure
2000 35/4 Hana Čížková and Hans Brix Special feature Phragmites-dominated wetlands – their functions and sustainable use
2001 36/1 Tomáš Herben Forum Species-pool hypothesis
2002 37/1 Elgene O. Box, Tohru Nakashizuka and Anton Fischer Special feature Dynamics of temperate forests
2002 37/4 Chytrý and Toby Spribille Special feature Vegetation of circum boreal coniferous forests
2003 38/2 Miroslav Vosátka and Alan C. Cassels Special feature Knowledge on population biology of AMF as a tool for mycorrhizal technology
2003 38/4 Tomáš Herben and Chytrý Forum Calcium and plant species richness
2005 40/1 Tomáš Herben Forum Experimental testing of dispersallimitation in plant communities
2005 40/2-3 Renate A. Wesselingh Special feature The biology of non-weedy hemiparasitic (ex-)Scrophulariaceae
2006 41/1 Pavel Kindlmann, Denis F. Whigham and Jo H. Willems Special feature International orchid workshop
2007 42/2 Tomáš Herben and Milan Chytrý Forum Analysis of non-randomly sampled data sets in vegetation ecology
2008 43/3 Michael W. Palmer and Tomáš Herben Forum Artifacts in biodiversity research
2010 45/4 Milan Štech and Renate Wesselingh Special feature The biology of non-weedy hemiparasitic Orobanchaceae: the second symposium
2011 46/2-3 Jitka Klimešová and Tomáš Herben Special feature Clonal and bud bank traits across floras and communities
2013 38/3 Francesco de Bello, Tomáš Herben and Jitka Klimešová Special feature Festschrift Jan Lepš/Ecological studies presented to Jan Lepš on his 60th birthday

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