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Atlas of Stem Anatomy of Arctic and Alpine Plants Around the Globe_2

New book: Atlas of Stem Anatomy of Arctic and Alpine Plants Around the Globe

Approximately 350 species are presented in the first book providing comprehensive information on the anatomy and ecology of arctic and alpine plants from cold sites around the globe, including representative species from Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Himalaya, Japan, Argentina, Ecuador and...

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Laureátka Praemium Academiae

Towards a better understanding of belowground plant organs

Jitka Klimešová from the Institute of Botany is one of the laureates of Academic Award – Praemium Academiae, the most important scientific award in the Czech Republic awarded by the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences. In her 6-year...

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How to be the first in the plant kingdom

More than a third of the species of temperate perennial angiosperms choose an interesting strategy for a successful spring start – preformation of the inflorescence. The plants prepare an inflorescence in the bud on the wintering organ, which quickly develops...

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Comparative Plant Succession among Terrestrial Biomes of the World

Despite a century of study by ecologists, recovery following disturbances (succession) is not fully understood. This book provides the first global synthesis that compares plant succession in all major terrestrial biomes and after all major terrestrial disturbances. It asks critical...

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Obálka knihy Anatomic atlas

Anatomic Atlas of Aquatic and Wetland Plant Stems

In February 2020, the Anatomic Atlas of Aquatic and Wetland Plant Stems went out under Springer Publ. after almost seven years of preparation as a result of cooperation between IB researchers Andrea Kučerová, Lubomír Adamec and Jiří Doležal with a...

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