Selected Publications

More than 200 articles in WoS registered journals and up to dozens of chapters in monographs or monographs are published by the authors from the IB every year. Here, we present only a selection of some interesting results.

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Evolution of the plant body in relation to drought

Natural selection by drought led plant vascular form to diversify in early evolution, as plants grew larger and spread on dry land. Network analysis of the conducting tissues of living, fossil, and idealised plants shows that drought acts to increase vascular complexity with plant size. This major reinterpretation of a key episode in plant evolution also answers the hundred-year-old question of their vascular complexity. It may find applications in breeding resistant crops.

  • Bouda, M. Huggett, K. Prats, J. Wason, J. Wilson, C. Brodersen. (2022) Hydraulic failure as a primary driver of xylem network evolution in early vascular plants. Science. 378(6620): 642-646. doi: 10.1126/science.add2910

Fossilised stem of Dernbachia brasiliensis, a tree fern of the Permian (250-300 million years ago). Water-conducting tissue highlighted in blue. [© Ludwig Luthardt, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin. CC-BY licence.]



Handbook of Trait-Based Ecology