Name Phone Department
Šálek Petr 271015211 Administrative Support
Sammarco Iris 271015715 Department of Population Ecology
Santana Cordero Aarón Moises Department of Vegetation Ecology
Schmickl Roswitha 271015479 Department of Evolutionary Plant Biology
Schmidt Christoph Stephan 00420-271 015 451 Department of Mycorrhizal Symbioses
Schmidt Philipp-André Department of Evolutionary Plant Biology
Schmidtmayerová Lenka 380720338 Department of Functional Ecology
Schnablová Renáta 271015284, 737568598 Department of Population Ecology
Sekerka Pavel 271015465, 606637565 Gene Pool Collections Department
Šemberová Kristýna Department of Population Ecology
Šimeček Rostislav 271015103, 728262789 Administrative Support
Šipoš Jan /225 Department of Vegetation Ecology
Sixtová Zuzana 271015142 Department of Invasion Ecology
Skálová Hana 271015284 (271015706) Department of Invasion Ecology
Slavíková Renata 271015330 Department of Mycorrhizal Symbioses
Šmída Jiří 271015282, 702148361 Management of the Průhonice Park
Smolík Jaroslav Management of the Průhonice Park
Smutná Kateřina 271015282 Management of the Průhonice Park
Šnokhousová Jana 380720357 Centre for Phycology
Šolcová Anna 739092275 Laboratory of Paleoecology

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