Cell and molecular biology lab.

Lab of cell and molecular biology and biochemistry

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Laboratories are fully equiped for complex studies of biology and ecotoxicology of cyanobacteria and their toxins. Major research focuses on:

  • understanding biochemical mechanisms of cellular toxicity
  • studies of early changes in biochemical parameters (biomarkers)
  • research of molecular basis of cyanotoxin carcinogenicity

Research of cell cultures is available in sterile boxes (Bioair Aura) but routine cultivation boxes and incubators are available both for phytoplankton and other model organisms (e.g. Sanyo Biomedical).

Molecular biological research uses electrophoretic system QWL, PCR cyclers Thermo and quantitative real time PCR Corbett Rotor Gene. Cell culture laboratories are equipped with microscopes from Zeiss.

Research of biomarkers uses microplate analyzers of spectrofotometry, fluorescence as well as luminometry (Labsystems Luminoscan).


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