List of projects




Identification Code Title   ^   v Realization Period   ^   v
FW03010400 Bioactive substances from organically produced traditional Czech herbs and crops and development of nano-encapsulated forms for use in dermatology, cosmetics and immunity support 2021 - 2024
SS70010001 Understanding invasive species in polar and alpine environments 2021 - 2024
Center for Landscape and Biodiversity (DivLand) 2021 - 2026
21-18623S Marcescence – common but overlooked. Why do some plants retain their dead biomass and what are the consequences for litter decay and nutrient cycling? 2021 - 2023
Hydopolis 2021 - 2022?
Application of traditional knowledge to halt biodiversity loss in woodlands 2021 - 2024
Strategy of management of invasive and expansive species around Pec pod Sněžkou. 2021 - 2022
Functional differentiation in response to environmental variability in two contrasting shrub line species of high-altitude Himalaya 2021 - 2023
Bug–Network (BugNet)
SS03010065 Causes of decline and system of effective restoration of priority habitat types of subalpine grasslands (SUTR) 2021 - 2023
20-28119S Microclimate instead of macroclimate: a key to more realistic species distribution modelling 2020 - 2022
20-10349J From West to East and back again – Trans-Siberian Railway as a continental pathway of plant invasions 2020 - 2023
20-04844S How mountains shape biodiversity: The role of the Andes in the biogeography and diversification of Earth’s most species-rich orchid radiation 2020 - 2022
SS01020006 Hybrid plasma-chemical oxidation for advanced decontamination of micropolutants and waste water desinfection 2020 - 2022
How global warming affects plant diversity and productivity in Himalayas? Combining in-situ and remote sensing approaches 2020 - 2023
GA20-14840S Labyrinth of morphs: re-evaluating evolutionary history, secondary metabolite traits and distribution pattern of the poorly known Chaetosphaeriaceae 2020 - 2022
GJ20-12579Y Evolution of nocturnal anthesis in the rapidly evolving family Zingiberaceae 2020 - 2023
Revitalization of the industrial landscape enables the formation of unique ecosystems 2020 - 2023 (předpokl.)
204411TAČR Drought and bark beetle - what next? Assessment of a forest response to disturbances as a basis for NP Bohemian Switzerland management 2020 - 2022
207226NP Microclimate characteristics of natural forest stages influenced by disturbances and management 2020 - 2023