Project Detail

Trees in the Landscape

Name: Trees in the Landscape
Researchers: Petřík Petr (head – principal researcher)
Provider: Strategie AV21
Realization from: 2021
Realization to: 2024
Summary: The aim of the project is to map the significance of old (including extinct important) trees in relation to settlement in the pilot area and to propose the use of stable solitary greenery for landscape protection. The common denominator of the biology-focused academic institutes is biodiversity linked to such habitats. Mapping of old trees, including mapping of lichens that are tied to them, was carried out at several sites in the Třeboň Protected Landscape Area. The Institute of Ethnology of the CAS focused on ethnological documentation of old and monumental trees and ALS in the landscape of the Czech Republic, as well as on the preparation of popularization and professional outputs, especially a brochure on the issue of ALS, and the Institute of Botany of the CAS on traditional forms of forest management in relation to biodiversity in the past and present, which were published as part of the edition Strategy AV21 in the publishing house of the Czech Republic. Academia and Dokořán publishing house. In cooperation with the Institute of Sociology, questions for the CVVM questionnaire were designed. In cooperation with the Masaryk Institute and the Archives of the CAS, the Institute of Ethnology of the CAS and the Institute of Sociology of the CAS, we prepared a workshop For the forest do we not see the trees?, which deepened interdisciplinary cooperation in the research of trees in the landscape of the Czech Republic and to improve the public debate on old trees in the Czech Republic at the level of professional and lay public. The Academia publishing house published the brochures Ecological Infrastructure of Landscapes, where the topic of dispersed greenery, including agroforestry, is discussed. A guide to the deciduous trees of the castle park in Průhonice were published and the brochures How to call the forest... The AV 21 Strategy booklet on veteran trees Trees in the Landscape was published. The website and information on social networks is continuously updated.

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