Project Detail

Centre for Landscape and Biodiversity (DivLand)

Name: Centre for Landscape and Biodiversity (DivLand)
Researchers: Wild Jan (co-researcher)
Tkáč Peter (member in research team)
Brůna Josef (member in research team)
Rozehnalová Tereza (member in research team)
Král Jan (member in research team)
Kalčík Vojtěch (member in research team)
Kutlvašr Josef (member in research team)
Vítková Michaela (member in research team)
Skálová Hana (member in research team)
Sádlo Jiří (member in research team)
Pyšek Petr (member in research team)
Sixtová Zuzana (member in research team)
Perglová Irena (member in research team)
Pergl Jan (member in research team)
Szabó Péter (member in research team)
Suchánková Silvie (member in research team)
Hédl Radim (member in research team)
Number: SS02030018
Realization from: 2021
Realization to: 2026
Summary: The main goal of the project is to create a research centre that will generate outputs that can be used for strategic planning in the field of nature conservation, landscape and biodiversity, as well as for solving current problems that occur in the landscape and its ecosystems. The research centre will focus on landscapes, specific types of ecosystems (forest ecosystems, agro-ecosystems) and biodiversity, including the phenomenon of biological invasions. The Centre aims to formulate new monitoring systems and to develop a coherent system for assessing the phenomena and processes that define the current landscape, ecosystems and associated biodiversity. The specific objectives of the project are: (i) development and establishment of standardized landscape monitoring at the level of the Czech Republic, (ii) assessment of the dynamics of forest ecosystems and agroecosystems in the context of climate change, including the degree of their degradation, (iii) proposal of a comprehensive assessment of the status and changes in biodiversity and identification of significant factors of its threat with emphasis on the issue of biological invasions, (iv) development of comprehensive monitoring tools, creation of methodological basis for strategic decision-making and proposal of management measures to mitigate the impacts of climate change on landscapes and ecosystems in the Czech Republic. Information and data sharing, synthesis and joint interpretation within a broad multidisciplinary team will be a tool to achieve these objectives. All outputs of the research centre will be presented on the website, in thematic workshops and conferences in order to ensure the widest possible use of the results within the concerned entities (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry for Regional Development, nature conservation authorities, etc.).

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