Collections of the Botanic Garden Průhonice

The Botanic Garden and Gene Pool Collections, situated in the part of Průhonice called Chotobuz, were founded in 1963. The garden has two parts: a display garden (exposition), which is open to the public, and the supply grounds with gene pool collections where propagation, breeding and research are done. The whole garden has almost 20 hectares (998,42 acres).

Collections of Botanic Garden

Genus Hemerocallis
Genus Iris
Genus Nymphaea
Genus Paeonia
Genus Rhododendron
Genus Rosa

Collections Conception

The collections have been built in a specific way, such that one could compare basic botanical species with old cultivars (some of them being several hundreds of years old) and with modern hybrids. Special attention has been paid to evolution landmarks with significant genetic potential, or a very attractive look. The high value of the collections is based almost completely on the display of old cultivars, which are no longer in general cultivation or in other gardens. That makes the collections very suitable for microevolution researches and for testing hypothesis related to genetic markers and combinations. It is also connected to several researches of botanical species (Rosa, Iris) which were done here in the 1870’s and 1880’s.

Conception follows these principals:

  • Selection of typical specimens from every species.
  • Representatives of non typical individuals from natural populations, which show its variability.
  • Selection of inter-species hybrids and ancient garden hybrids.
  • Selection of experimental inter-species hybrids (Rosa, Iris).
  • Maximal representation of historical plants grown in culture.
  • Chronological system from the oldest until modern cultivars showing wide range of its development.

An important function and message of the Botanic Garden is (except for study) protecting endangered and disappearing plant taxons and saving cultural and historical heritage of thousands of years of breeding which has led to modern ornamental plants.
We attend small local exhibition and also big international shows. Special credit was gained by Mgr. Milan Blazek for his Iris breeding: 7 awards in international shows in Vienna and Florence for his cultivars and many other awards regarding his professional work and publishing.
Combined with the main collections, there are also small bulbs (snowdrop – Galanthus, meadow saffron – Colchichum) planted with other perennials and ornamental grasses.

The Botanic Garden is member in of Union of Botanic Gardens of the Czech Republic and Middle-European Iris Society.

Information for visitors

The Botanic Garden is located in East part of Pruhonice Park. It is accessible from the Park and there is no additional entrance fee.

Opening times are usually from the first weekend in May until the end of June, daily 10am – 5pm and during special events and exhibitions. When possible we give guided tours to specialists, visiting scholars and groups.