Laboratory of Paleoecology

Laboratory of Paleoecology

The laboratory of paleoecology processes samples for macro-residuals and palynologic analyses. It is located in a building on street na Poříčí 3b in Brno and serves the Institute of Botany in completing research projects. The laboratory is part of the Institute of Botany and the Natural Sciences Faculty of the Masaryk University, the students and employees of which work in the laboratory according to valid guidelines.

The method used to analyze palynologic samples depends on the type of sample (surface sample, humic sample without mineral components, humic sample with mineral components, recent pollen, etc. ). Samples are processed according to chemical preparation methods following typically used methods. Sample preparation for macro-residual analysis is done by sieving, with the selected macroresiduals being removed and preserved. The Reference collection of comparison of pollen preparations and the Seed and Fruit Collection, another part of our facilities, can then be used to determine objects found in the samples.

The laboratory also offers palynological analyses/palynological sample preparation for the external public. This is a paid service, invoiced according to the price list.


RNDr. Eva Jamrichová, Ph.D.

e-mail: eva.jamrichova(at)

telefon: +420541126223