Implementation of science and research in education 2012-2015

Implementation of science and research in education



Measuring structure of woody species in the primary tropical forest in Brunei (September 2011, © M. Svátek)


Herbarization of vouchers sampled from permanent plots in the primary tropical forest in Brunei (November 2011, © R. Hédl)


Aim of this project is implementation of modern approaches of science in education at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic. Students will be informed about research projects at the foremost research institutions in the Czech Republic and elsewhere, which will increase the quality of education in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Selected students will be participating on the running research projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. They will participate on data collection and analysis and if interested, their theses could be parts of the research projects.

Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences acts as the partner for the Mendel University. Students will take short-term stays at the Institute, participate on the fieldwork lead by the Institute’s researchers, and contribute to papers presented at conferences jointly by the researchers from the Institute and the University.

Crucial part of the project is cooperation on several already existing research projects. Within the education program Vegetation Ecology of the Tropics, the following projects will be included:

  • Brunei: Dynamics of primary mixed lowland dipterocarp forest. Since 2007, University of Brunei, Institute of Botany of the CAS, Mendel University and Palacky University cooperate on a long-term monitoring of permanent plots established in 1991. Repeated measurements of trees enable to monitoring and modeling the woody species dynamics in the studied forest ecosystem.
  • Malaysia: participation on the international projects S.A.F.E. and Sabah Biodiversity Experiment, SBE.
  • Ethiopia: agroecology in coffee plantations.
  • Argentina: vegetaton ecology of caldenal/espinal formations.


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