Project Detail

Priorities of conservation of vascular plants

Name: Priorities of conservation of vascular plants
Researchers: Münzbergová Zuzana (head – principal researcher)
Provider: MŠMT
Realization from: 2007
Realization to: 2011
Summary: Important part of attempts to reduce the decline of species diversity is existence of criteria that would allow setting priorities in species conservation. The existing criteria do not distinguish species that are only rare from those that are really endangered. They also do not try to identify reasons for endangerment of the rare species. The aim of the project is to develop criteria for identification of rare species based on their rarity and application of these criteria to critically endangered plant species in the country. Simultaneously we plan to compare rare and common species by using these criteria and use this comparison to identify, which of the criteria are really characteristic for rare species. Finally, we will compare the traits of rare species with current status of their populations and decline of the species over time. This will give us additional information on which traits are characteristic for species that are really in strong decline.

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