Project Detail

The evolution of dispersal traits in plants

Name: The evolution of dispersal traits in plants
Researchers: Vazačová Kristýna (head – principal researcher)
Provider: GAUK
Realization from: 2007
Realization to: 2009
Summary: The knowledge of evolution of dispersal traits is important for understanding of plant distribution and long-term persistence of species in fragmented landscape. Studies on evolution of dispersal traits are, however, still largely missing. Such evolution can be studied by integration of species dispersal traits to their phylogenetic tree and by observing which traits are conservative and thus independent on selective pressures and which traits have a potential to evolve in a new environment. This will provide unique information on evolutionary dynamics of these traits as well as for the real importance of these traits for species distribution in landscape. To avoid problems with unstable environment due to variable history of mainland landscape we will study this topic on islands – fragmented systems, which remained relatively stable during the long-time period.

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