Project Detail

Comparative ecology of generative reproduction of alien plants

Name: Comparative ecology of generative reproduction of alien plants
Researchers: Perglová Irena (member in research team)
Pergl Jan (member in research team)
Zákravský Petr (member in research team)
Krahulec František (member in research team)
Klimešová Jitka (member in research team)
Chrtek Jindřich (member in research team)
Fehrer Judith (member in research team)
Suda Jan (member in research team)
Pyšek Petr (member in research team)
Provider: GA ČR
Realization from: 2005
Realization to: 2007
Summary: The project is aimed at obtaining detailed information about reproductive characteristics of a large number of naturalized species of the Czech flora. There is an agreement that reproductive characteristics are crucial for the outcome of invasion. In total, 60–100 species will be sampled in the field and by using standard methods, quantitative information on fecundity, germination pattern and dormancy, diaspore morphology, dispersibility, seedling RGR, breeding system, clonality, and genome size will be obtained. The project will make use of previously acquired detailed knowledge of each species behaviour at the territory of the country and statistical analysis will be designed to seek predictors of these attributes by using parameters obtained during the project for each species involved.

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