Project Detail

The role of sunbirds in afromontanne pollination systems

Name: The role of sunbirds in afromontanne pollination systems
Researchers: Doležal Jiří (member in research team)
Provider: GAAV
Realization from: 2007
Realization to: 2010
Summary: Interdisciplinary project, based on pilot studies, deals with pollination systems in afromontane area in Bamenda Highlands (SW Cameroon). The main objective is to find out plants\\\' and pollinators\\\' traits, which are important for mutual interactions, and to determine degree of specialization between individual actors with emphasis on sunbird-plant relationships. The results should contribute to generalization of knowledge on specialization of pollination systems, so fare based on New World hummingbirds. The impact of pollinators on reproductive success of plants will be assessed by comparing seed production of plants, with pollinators being either allowed to feed o or experimentally excluded. Moreover, the feeding niche overlap among individual pollinator guilds will be determined.

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