Project Detail

Evolutionary dynamics of diploid-polyploid angiosperm alliances

Name: Evolutionary dynamics of diploid-polyploid angiosperm alliances
Researchers: Rydlová Jana (co-researcher)
Provider: GA ČR
Realization from: 2006
Realization to: 2008
Summary: The project is aimed at increasing of our knowledge on the microevolutionary processes that shape population structure in diploid-polyploid angiosperm alliances, taking Aster amellus, Campanulla gentilis and Pimpinella saxifraga as model groups. Multidisciplinary approach using current biosystematics and ecological methods (flow cytometry, molecular techniques, demographic analyses, experimental cultivation, etc.) is adopted. Hitherto neglected issues of polyploid formation, establishment, and polyploid dynamics are investigated (unreduced polled grains production at population-level and its microevolutionary role, assessment of differences in life history and demographic traits between ploidy levels, exploration of cytotype-specific responses to mycorrhizal symbiosis and phytophagous insect attack, etc.). Long-term observation of cytotype ratio fluctuation in sympatric populations has also been initiated.

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