Project Detail

Population biology of closely related rare and common species

Name: Population biology of closely related rare and common species
Researchers: Münzbergová Zuzana (researcher)
Provider: GAAV
Realization from: 2006
Realization to: 2008
Summary: Studies searching for determinants of species rarity by comparing common and rare species suffer several important drawbacks. (1) They compare species that are closely related phylogenetically, but occupy different habitats. (2) They are concerned with total genetic variation in the whole distribution range of the species while it is the distribution of genetic diversity at a regional scale what determines performance of species. (3) The population data are restricted to comparisons of single traits without information how are these traits relevant for the whole lifecycle. (4) The genetic data are rarely linked to the data on population biology. We propose to overcome these drawbacks by studying full demography and pattern of genetic diversity in three pairs of species sharing the same habitat. We will link these data in a common framework to determine the relative importance of genetic and demographic factors for performance of common and rare species at both local and regional scale.

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