Project Detail

Growth strategies of perennial herbs: from cells to whole plants

Name: Growth strategies of perennial herbs: from cells to whole plants
Researchers: Bartoš Michael (researcher)
Martínková Jana (co-researcher)
Schnablová Renáta (member in research team)
Lubbe Frederick Curtis (member in research team)
Klimešová Jitka (member in research team)
Provider: GAČR
Realization from: 2019
Realization to: 2021
Summary: Perennial herbs are the most species-rich and phylogenetically diverse group of temperate floras. They are unique by discarding their aboveground structures every year and building them anew from belowground organs. Their success is achieved by optimizing belowground nutrient storage, bud number and size, growth rate and its timing, organ preformation and cell sizes. They have developed diverse growth strategies in different ecological regimes. This complexity exceeds that of annuals or trees and makes perennial herbs the least understood life form of temperate plants. Here we joined together three leading Czech groups working on different aspects of growth of perennial herbs to address growth mechanisms of perennials from cellular to whole plant levels and their response to environment. We will perform novel data collection with a combination of phylogenetic, natomical/cytometric, experimental and modelling approaches. This will make possible to uncover mechanisms of growth strategies of perennials, of their environmental response and to understand their function in vegetation.

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