List of projects




Identification Code Title   ^   v Realization Period   ^   v
VB02000041 CaviPlasma: wide-spectrum large-volume decontamination plasma technology for IRS 2024 - 2026
24-10375S Mechanistic scaling of soil-plant hydrodynamics in the Earth System 2024 - 2026
SS07020057 Complex solution of small domestic WWTP with an emphasis on the removal of phosphorus and micropollutants 2024 - 2026
SS06010395 Monitoring and management of invasive species in areas affected by large-scale disturbances 2023 - 2026
207243 Mapping and collection of field (biological) data on an area of 20 ha 2023 - 2024
23-05403K Impact of alien and native woody plants on vegetation and soil: two sides of the same coin? 2023 - 2026
8J23FRXXX Epigenetic mechanisms of transgenerational effects of mycorrhizal symbiosis 2023 - 2024
23-05465S Soil microbiota and soil resources as drivers of self-limitation and stability in grasslands 2023 - 2025
Transgenerational adaptation of a clonal plant in the context of biotic interactions 2023 - 2025
23-05132S New calibration and indicator systems for reconstruction of Holocene climate controlled for local habitat development 2023 - 2025
GA23-07533S Temperate lowland woodlands in transition: How succession, climate change, exotic organisms, and management affect different trophic levels? 2023 - 2025
200911EU Central Bohemia Mobility Programme for Excellence in Research, Innovation and Technology 2023 - 2027
QK23020039 Prognosis of bark beetle outbreak and innovative approaches to its management at the level of state and forest owners 2023 - 2025
SS06010011 Forest microclimate in time and space: real impacts of climate change on selected protected areas 2023 - 2026
Tropical cyclone activity, drivers, and impact on forest ecosystems at different spatial and temporal scales 2023 - 2023
304100 Control and administration of experimental garden in Třeboň. 2023 - 2023
Water transport between soil and atmosphere in forest vegetation 2023 - 2023
Repeated adaptation in wild carnations: the role of shared genetic variation and novel mutations in convergent selection signatures in the genome 2023 - 2026
TN02000044 Biorefinery and circular economy for sustainability 2023 - 2028
SS72010002 Improving the Functional Connectivity of Grassland Networks for Plant-Pollinator Interactions 2023 - 2026