List of projects




Identification Code Title   ^   v Realization Period   ^   v
QK23020039 Prognosis of bark beetle outbreak and innovative approaches to its management at the level of state and forest owners 2023 - 2025
Water transport between soil and atmosphere in forest vegetation 2023 - 2023
SS06010395 Monitoring and management of invasive species in areas affected by large-scale disturbances 2023 - 2026
SS06010011 Forest microclimate in time and space: real impacts of climate change on selected protected areas 2023 - 2026
207243 Mapping and collection of field (biological) data on an area of 20 ha 2023 - 2024
23-05465S Soil microbiota and soil resources as drivers of self-limitation and stability in grasslands 2023 - 2025
23-05403K Impact of alien and native woody plants on vegetation and soil: two sides of the same coin? 2023 - 2026
23-05132S New calibration and indicator systems for reconstruction of Holocene climate controlled for local habitat development 2023 - 2025
SS06010402 RekreENVI - complex assessment of impact of recreational use of the Krkonose National Park 2023 - 2026
22-02469S Ultimate screening of wild barley genomes for panicoid DNA: a further step towards delimiting the foreign-ome in Hordeum 2022 - 2024
22-10464S Deciphering complex reticulation in aquatic plants: what is the relationship among climate oscillations, hybridization and polyploidization? 2022 - 2024
Flow cytometry as a practical and cheap method to detect hybridization and genetic erosion in andangered plant species 2022 - 2024
GA 22-32198S Variation in floral traits: operationalizing the flower economic spectrum 2022 - 2024
22-06936S Towards understanding community assembly in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: from structural traits to fundamental and realized niches 2022 - 2024
300709 Sale of aquatic and wetland plants cultivated in the Collection 2022 - 2022
Pollen Monitoring Programme of Šumava Mountains 2022 - 2024
SS05010092 Critical revision of the past and recent plant distributions as an irreplaceable data source for efficient conservation of endangered species and monitoring of the spread of alien species 2022 - 2025
Pollen moniroting of the Krkonoše Mountains 2022 - 2023
Young kids or old migrants? Colonization versus in situ speciation of allopolyploid apomicts in European alpine sky islands 2022 - 2024
PRVA-2022-044 Digitalization of herbation of the Department of Biology I. Infrastructure 2022 - 2022