List of projects




Identification Code Title   ^   v Realization Period   ^   v
SS05010092 Critical revision of the past and recent plant distributions as an irreplaceable data source for efficient conservation of endangered species and monitoring of the spread of alien species 2022 - 2025
Flow cytometry as a practical and cheap method to detect hybridization and genetic erosion in andangered plant species 2022 - 2024
Origin of resistance to desiccation and cryoinjuries in biological soil crust microalgae of High Arctic 2022 - 2024
304100 Control and administration of experimental garden in Třeboň. 2022 - 2022
23-05465S Soil microbiota and soil resources as drivers of self-limitation and stability in grasslands 2023 - 2025
23-05132S New calibration and indicator systems for reconstruction of Holocene climate controlled for local habitat development 2023 - 2025
Water transport between soil and atmosphere in forest vegetation 2023 - 2023