Project Detail

Alien species in a changing world, detection, monitoring and prediction

Name: Alien species in a changing world, detection, monitoring and prediction
Researchers: Müllerová Jana (head – principal researcher)
Bartaloš Tomáš (member of research team)
Man Matěj (member of research team)
Prošek Jiří (member of research team)
Brůna Josef (member of research team)
Number: DAAD-21-08
Realization from: 2021
Realization to: 2022
Summary: Project aims in finding monitoring strategies for invasive alien plant species using remote sensing, and prediction models that will provide information on current and future potential invasion risks under the climate change scenarios. Proposed collaboration of IBOT and Giessen teams will establish a strong collaboration crossing the skills, combining their experience and knowledge. Magnification of the environmental gradient in frames of joint project will facilitate the transferability of the methods and generalization of the findings. Such settings will not only provide high quality scientific outputs and foster international collaboration and future research, but also provide outputs for nature protection and landscape management, providing powerful tools to implement the EU legislation on invasive species. Project will enhance scientific skills, especially of the young researchers and PhD students involved, and will result in joint research papers on RS detection of invasive species and modelling their potential distribution, and preparation of future joint proposal.

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