List of projects




Identification Code Title   ^   v Realization Period   ^   v
SS03010065 Causes of decline and system of effective restoration of priority habitat types of subalpine grasslands (SUTR) 2021 - 2023
SS03010279 Optimization of the management of the lower part of the Elbe with regard to the presence of habitat 3270 and improvement of the hydromorphological state on the basis of an interdisciplinary study 2021 - 2023
Hydopolis 2021 - 2022?
PPK-640a/31/21-2023, 307205 Extinct and endangered plant species from the Třeboň basin 2021 - 2021
Application of traditional knowledge to halt biodiversity loss in woodlands 2021 - 2024
SS02030018 Centre for Landscape and Biodiversity (DivLand) 2021 - 2026
Plant-soil feedback and plant traits as drivers of short- and long-term plant community processes 2021 - 2023
22-10464S Deciphering complex reticulation in aquatic plants: what is the relationship among climate oscillations, hybridization and polyploidization? 2022 - 2024
SS05010092 Critical revision of the past and recent plant distributions as an irreplaceable data source for efficient conservation of endangered species and monitoring of the spread of alien species 2022 - 2025
SS05010009 Development of effective tools for monitoring and assessment of ecological status and ecosystem services of fishponds and for an improvement of communication with stakeholders 2022 - 2025