Project Detail

Regionální akční plán pro rozchodník huňatý

Name: Regionální akční plán pro rozchodník huňatý
Researchers: Kučerová Andrea (head – principal researcher)
Provider: AOPK ČR
Realization from: 2020
Realization to: 2025
Summary: The regional action plan has two main objectives: 1/ To ensure the long-term existence of the Sedum villosum population in the NPP Stročov and to establish management at the locality in a long-term sustainable manner so that the population is maintained at least to the extent specified in the RAP. 2/ To create at least one next population of Sedum villosum in a selected historical locality. Two localities were selected for reintroduction: PP Jezdovické raseliniste (Vysočina region), PR Podlesí (CHKO Blaník). For the establishment of populations, plant material from cultivation originating from the NPP Stročov will be used, as it is geographically closest to these locations, and at the same time it is important for the population from the NPP Stročov to create a backup population.

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