Popularization activities for students and public


All those interested are cordially invited to visit CAS workplaces during The Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences, a scientific festival taking place in many CAS institutes and departments all around the Czech Republic on October 31st to November 6th 2022. Our Deparments located in Brno, Lidická street No. 25/27, will join on Wednesday November 2nd 2022 from 9:00 to 16:00 by Open Door Day (see programme of the Week of CAS [in Czech]). Our researchers will guide you through our laboratories and introduce our current scientific topics, e.g. technologies and methods for the elimination of water pollution caused by cyanobacteria and/or micropollutants like pharmaceuticals.


Workers of our department regularly participate in campaigns which aim is to outline the science, scientific knowledge and what is behing the research scenes to wide professional and lay public. The main effort is fosuced to young generations – students of various types of schools as potential new scientists.

We take part in campaigns run by The Czech Academy of Science, universities and another scientific institutions like national Science Festivals (Festivaly vědy, e.g. regular Week of Science and Technology “Týden vědy a techniky” in November), exhibitions or self-organised regional events. With respect to scientific orientation most of the popularization activities are connected with water (water ecology, occurrence of cyanobacteria and water bloom events, water purification, drinking water treatment) and water biota, too, especially phytoplankton.

Prezentations are performed in a form of lectures, exhibitions or excursions at our department, in exhibition centres or directly in the field.

Currently: Exposition in the showcase of Academia Publishers – more info here.