Name Phone Department
Pánková Karolína 271015709 Department of Population Ecology
Panoch Michal Administrative Support
Parysová Dana 271015347 Department of Population Ecology
Paštová Ladislava 271015461 Laboratory of molecular cytogenetics and karyology
Pejcha Vít 380720391 Department of Functional Ecology
Pergl Jan 271015236 Department of Invasion Ecology
Perglová Irena 271015236, 271015440 Department of Invasion Ecology
Peroutková Petra 271015710 Gene Pool Collections Department
Peřinková Eva 271015163 Division for Economy and HR
Petit Bon Matteo 380720301 Department of Functional Ecology
Petrová Jitka 380720318 Experimental Garden and Gene Pool Collections Třeboň
Petřík Petr 271015202 Department of Vegetation Ecology
Picková Alena Division for Operations
Pipek Pavel 271015248 Department of Invasion Ecology
Placanda Radek 271015237, 602542298 Project Department
Plačková Ivana 271015475, 370 Analytical Laboratory
Plachý Oldřich Technical Department Třeboň
Plichta Jiří 271015221 Division for Operations
Ponert Jan Department of Evolutionary Plant Biology
Pošvic Václav 380720318 Experimental Garden and Gene Pool Collections Třeboň

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