Palaeoecological Laboratories

We offer the services of our laboratory to those interested in fast and high-quallity analyses. We process samples of peat bogs, fens, lake sediments, moss polsters, archaeological cultural layers and surface soil samples.

We prepare samples for analyses of:

  • Fossil pollen and non-pollen sporomorphs for quantitative pollen analysis
  • Recent pollen for pollen morphology
  • Recent pollen from pollen traps
  • Bee pollen from honey
  • Macroscopic charcoal
  • Plant macroremains
  • Organisms of groups CladoceraChironomidaeDiatomae and Testate amoebae)

We perform analyses also for colleagues from other institutions (external contracts): the price list of the works and protocol specifying the requirements for the preparation of the samples can be found here.

The laboratory has two workplaces: in Brno and Průhonice.
If you are interested, contact Markéta Fránková  (in Brno) or Přemysl Bobek  (in Průhonice)