Laboratory of GIS and Remote Sensing 

The GIS and RS laboratory is equipped with a complete software suite for processing and analysis of vector and raster data. The laboratory offers consultations on processing spatial and remote sensing data and finding solutions to GIS and Remote Sensing tasks within available commercial and open-source software. For fieldwork we offer the possibility of renting precision GNSS instruments, FieldMap kits and a portable spectrometer.   


Contact persons  

  •  Zdeňka Konopová, (instrument rental)   
  •  Josef Brůna, (GIS data processing, consultations)    


  • ArcGIS with selected extensions – for GIS analysis  
  • ArcGIS Online – online presentation of map outputs  
  • eCognition Developer 9.2 – image analysis including object-oriented  
  • PCI Geomatica 2012 with Orthoengine module – RS data processing  
  • ENVI – RS data processing  
  • Agisoft Metashape Pro (Photoscan) – for processing data from drones and cameras using the structure from motion method, enabling 3D reconstruction of photographed objects and creation of orthophotomaps and digital terrain models   
  • FieldMap – processing of field measurements  
  • Opensource – QGIS, SAGA GIS, R   
  • Software for processing climate data fromTomst and HOBO sensors  


  • Trimble GeoExplorer 2008 XH – positioning accuracy in ideal conditions with postprocessing under 1 meter   
  • Trimble GeoExplorer GeoXH 6000 – positioning accuracy in ideal conditions with postprocessing under 10 cm 
  • Trimble GeoExplorer Geo 7X –positioning accuracy in ideal conditions with postprocessing up to 1 cm 
  • FieldMap – field mapping kit – measure relative positions using a laser rangefinder  
  • Spectral Evolution Full Range Portable RS-3500 Spectrometer – 350-2500 nm range – for ground reference measurements in remote sensing and other applications with a range of attachments and laboratory measurement options.  
  • TOMST and HOBO sensors and field tablets for reading them  
  • Trime PICO – sensor for measuring actual soil moisture   


Laboratory price list