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The Department of Paleoecology focuses on research into the dynamics of vegetation and the natural environment during the last 10,000 years, with overlaps into older periods. The geographical area of ​​the study is mainly Central Europe. The main issues addressed are the origin and development of the main vegetation types, long-term changes in the forest and forest-free vegetation and the prehistoric influence of humans on vegetation. Paleoecological research has a long tradition at the Brno workplace of the Institute of Botany of the CAS (see more at Today’s Department operates in Brno and Průhonice.

The Department of Paleoecology uses palynology and analysis of macro-residues as basic approaches. Samples intended for analysis are prepared directly at the workplace, and two collections and corresponding microscopy equipment are used for determination purposes.  If you are interested in cooperation or processing samples, please contact the head of the Department, M. Fránková.


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