Centre for Phycology

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Algae and cyanobacteria have been studied at the Třeboň department of the Institute of Botany since 1960. The Centre for Phycology focuses mainly on research in the field of algae and cyanobacteria taxonomy and ecology, using classical approaches combined with molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology. Special attention is paid to organisms and communities from extreme habitats such as high altitudes, and polar and tropical ecosystems.

Another important field of research is testing strains of algae and cyanobacteria for potential biotechnological utilisation and developing methods to cultivate them on a large scale. A third research field is toxicity of heavy metals and organic compounds, utilising algae as model organisms.

An integral part of the Centre is the Culture Collection of Autotrophic Organisms (CCALA) containing more than 700 strains. The strains are provided to research institutes and commercial companies, but also to schools of all levels for use in teaching.