Belowground plant organs and their functional ecology

Special issue of Folia Geobotanica edited by Jitka Klimešová is devoted to belowground plant organs. It presents 7 papers from 4 continents (South America, North America, Asia, Europe), covering not only seed plants but also ferns and analyzing several interesting topics. Covered topics represent research areas on belowground organs others than fine roots.

Papers in special issue are

(1) dealing with a role of belowground bud bearing organs in response to disturbance, environment or competition (Bombo et al. 2024, Bam et al. 2024),

(2) describing diversity of belowground storage and bud bearing organs in a regional flora (Orzell et al. 2024; Ülgen and Tavşanoğlu 2024) or for one taxonomical group (de Paiva Farias et al. 2024),

(3) proposing method how to manipulate root architecture to be able to study its effect on fine root functioning (Lubbe et al. 2024), and

(4) reporting rare and interesting morphological trait (Menezes-e-Vasconcelos and Melo-de-Pinna 2024).