The Institute of Botany has received an international award in human resource management, the “HR Excellence in Research”

From October 2021, the Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences is included in the list of institutions that have been awarded the “Quality Mark” HR Award. Receiving this international award confirms that the Institute of Botany has a quality scientific work environment and good conditions for professional development. At the same time, it signals abroad that the Institute is an attractive place for the future career of foreign workers and as a partner for international co-operation.

“Winning the HR Award is an important milestone for the Institute of Botany, which moves it closer to the goal we have set – to be an attractive employer and partner at international level. We believe that it will help us to attract more young scientists from all over the world and to involve scientific teams more in international projects,” declared Jan Wild, the director of the Institute of Botany.

The HR Award is a guarantee that employee care, career growth and the working environment are good. At the same time, it indicates to workers abroad that in the institution they will find an environment that is open, transparent, and international. To partners in international consortia and grant providers, these factors denote credibility.

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The award was preceded by several years of preparation and planning of the necessary steps. Parts of the plan were managed and achieved before the award was granted.

“The activities take place within the project, “IBOAT”, which is an acronym for the name Institute of Botany: Opportunity for career growth And Talent acquisition. But we also perceive it as a sign for the common ship on which we sail. Although the European Commission focusses the HR Award primarily on researchers, we take the whole process much more broadly and always consider all employees of the Institute at every step. We want to send a signal to the institution and beyond that we are all on the same ship, equally, as colleagues operating within the institute, or in the park, or with collections, or as early career and leading researchers, because a sense of belonging is one of our priorities,” added Jan Wild.

The project “Institute of Botany: opportunities for career development and talent acquisition”

(reg. number CZ.02.2.69 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 18_054 / 0014676) is co-financed by the European Union.


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