Exhibition Annual rings in Visitor Centre of the Průhonice Park

Exhibition Annual rings has been opened in Visitor Centre of the Průhonice Park. It will be open until 9 July 2017.

The first part of the exhibition should give the visitors an idea of how researchers work with annual rings in trees. The second part of the ex­hibition shows several fascinating examples of plants growing in high altitudes in Ladakh, Himalaya, which also have visible annual rings and are most often long-living. On the microscopic sections you will see the annual rings as well as dif­ferent anatomical features that enable these plants to live in extremely harsh conditions – some of them belong among the world’s highest plants growing 6km above sea level. Researchers from the Institute of Botany in cooperation with prof. Schweingruber from Switzerland have been studying for years their adaptations, distribution and response to climatic changes.