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Latzel Vít

Latzel Vít


Since the inception of my career, my primary focus has been on the impact of clonality in plant adaptation to various stressors, including herbivory and mechanical fragmentation. I had the privilege to delve into the broader ecological and evolutionary dimensions of plant clonality during my collaboration with J. Klimešová, a renowned figure in the field of clonal research.

In my role as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Botany, CAS, I dedicated considerable effort towards studying transgenerational effects among sexually produced offspring. During my tenure at the Institute of Plant Sciences in Bern from 2010 to 2013, my interest gravitated towards the ecological and evolutionary implications of inheritable epigenetic variation in plants.

At present, my research centers on understanding the role of stress-induced epigenetic variation in clonal plants. I am thoroughly investigating the heritability of induced epigenetic variation across clonal generations and its potential role in the transgenerational adaptation of clonal plants to a fluctuating environment.


2004–2008 PhD. training in botany at the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice. Thesis: Tolerance and resistance of plants to disturbance
1999–2004 MSc. study at the Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice


2005-2008 Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic – PhD student
2008-2013 Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic – postdoctoral position
2010-2013 Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland – postdoctoral position
Since 2013 Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic – researcher


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ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0025-5049

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2023-2025: Transgenerational adaptation of a clonal plant in the context of biotic interactions. Principal investigator, Czech Science Foundation 23-04749S.
2020-2023: Adaptive transgenerational plasticity in response to climate: from individuals to communities, in sexuals and asexuals. Principal investigator, Czech Science Foundation 20-00871S.
2017-2021: Epigenetic Diversity in Ecology (EpiDiverse). Principal investigator, Horizon 2020, Marie Sklodowska-Curie action, Inovative Training Network.