Centre of competence for biorafinery research

Name: Centre of competence for biorafinery research
Researchers: Frantík Tomáš (member of research team)
Koblihová Helena (member of research team)
Kunc Dušan (member of research team)
Mrnka Libor (member of research team)
Rozehnalová Tereza (member of research team)
Schmidt Christoph Stephan (member of research team)
Vosátka Miroslav (member of research team)
Project Type: C - other (Research and development projects of ministries, contracts and agreements on targeted research and cooperation, etc.)
Realization from: 2012
Realization to: 2019
Summary: BIORAF project deals with conversion of biomass of different origin (algae, higher plants, animal waste) to high value products and alternative energy sources. Thanks to the sofisticated rafinery processes new nutraceutics, cosmetics, fodder, fertilizers as well as innovative biofuels will be acquired. Biorafinery represents a unique sustainable way of replacement of fossil fuels at minimal negative environmental impacts and complete utilization of the biomass.

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