Analytical laboratory in Třeboň

The analytical laboratory in Třeboň focuses mainly on the analysis of natural waters, both in the form of individual orders and monitoring. Within the scope of its activities, the laboratory extends its work to chemical analyses of soil samples and plant material. In waters, the analyses of anions and cations (ammonium ions, nitrates, nitrites, total nitrogen, chlorides, sulphates, orthophosphates, total phosphorus) are mainly carried out by the method of flow injection analysis FIA, extraction photometry and ion chromatography (Na, K, Ca, Mg).

The validity of the results is verified by participation in interlaboratory tests organised by ASLAB Prague and ÚKZÚZ Brno.

The offer of surface and groundwater analyses is supplemented by other methods: extraction photometric method for determination of humic substances and determination of chlorophyll content by trichromatic method. Basic physical parameters include potentiometric measurement of pH, electrical conductivity, determination of neutralization capacity, chemical and biochemical oxygen consumption, dissolved and suspended solids content, loss on ignition and other parameters.

Last but not least, special enzymatic analyses are performed to determine the content of oligo- or polysaccharide storage substances, mainly starches and fructans in plant material. Chromatographic analysis of sample extracts is determined by liquid chromatography on an ICS-3000 system with an electrochemical detector from Dionex.

In addition to chemical analyses, screening of algal samples is carried out in the laboratory using miniaturized bioassays (determination of toxicity and trophic potential). The laboratory has been involved in water quality monitoring for a long time based on the requirements of the Environmental Commission of the Třeboň City Council. The laboratory also enables the students of the Faculty of Science of the South Bohemian University in České Budějovice to work and use the existing equipment and cooperates with other external institutions in the form of expert consultations concerning the comparison of analytical procedures.


Monika Průšová (head of the laboratory)
Lenka Leštinová
Andrea Zajíčková