Project Detail

Importance of genetic diversity for stand productivity and stability

Name: Importance of genetic diversity for stand productivity and stability
Researchers: Plačková Ivana (member in research team)
Skálová Hana (member in research team)
Münzbergová Zuzana (member in research team)
Fehrer Judith (member in research team)
Mandák Bohumil (member in research team)
Provider: GAČR
Number: IAA600050820
Realization from: 2008
Realization to: 2010
Summary: In the last few years it has been suggested that also genetic diversity within species is important for ecosystem function. The effect of genetic diversity and genet spatial structure of grass species (Festuca rubra) on community structure and stability are studied in our project. Questions: (1) What is the effect of genetic diversity on productivity, stability and resistance to invasion? (2) Are the observed patterns due to complementarity or sampling effect? (3) Do the conclusions differ between environments and depend on time since the experiment was established? (4) What is the effect of spatial arrangement of the clones? We plan to answer these questions in a garden experiment with two nutrient regimes and three genetic diversity treatments: mono-clone, six-clone and eighteen-clone. To be able to separate the sampling and complementarity effects in a community, the clone identification by means of microsatelite or allozyme markers will be necessary.

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