Project Detail

Past and present changes in Sudeten mountain bogs

Name: Past and present changes in Sudeten mountain bogs
Researchers: Hédl Radim (co-researcher)
Provider: Grantová agentura ČR
Realization from: 2008
Realization to: 2012
Summary: Correct evaluation of ongoing man-induced changes in bogs merits not only short-time fertilization experiments provided by the majority of studies, but also the research on long- and medium-term changes. Parallel investigation of several taxonomic groups is also a useful approach. This project realised in ombotrophic bogs in two Sudeten mountain ranges differing in deposition load will involve continuation and analysis of 20-years monitoring of water chemistry and vegetation in a net of 59 permanent plots, analysis of nutrients in Sphagnum, measurements of soil moisture and the decomposition rate, analysis of diversity of different organisms (higher plants, algae, fungi, Testacea) with respect to actual and long-term water chemistry, testing the paleorefugia/neorefugia concept (involving all island habitats in one region) and palaeoecological research in less explored region, involving study bogs as well as other mires in order to reconstruct the vegetation development, relative coverage of forests, rate of human alternation, changes in water regime and distribution of fens and bogs.

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