Project Detail

Lowland woodland in the perspective of historical development

Name: Lowland woodland in the perspective of historical development
Researchers: Hédl Radim (researcher)
Provider: Grantová agentura AV ČR
Realization from: 2008
Realization to: 2012
Summary: Central Europe is a naturally forest-dominated area. In addition to natural processes, the vegetation cover has been profoundly influenced by humans during the Holocene. In the Czech Republic, the relationships between environmental factors, woodland structure and vegetation composition have been analysed in detail. However, there has so far been virtually no research on how human-driven history shaped the woodlands. This project will integrate the methods of natural sciences and humanities (palaeoecology, archeology, history, ecology) in an interdisciplinary manner to study 5 sites in the lowlands. Spatio-temporal patterns of woods with and without historical continuity will be described and compared using the GIS. The project will focus on the importance of temporal continuity and past management forms concerning the present properties, character and quality of woodlands. Management guidelines for the future maintenance of these qualities will be proposed.

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