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Flora of the Czech Republic - completion

Name: Flora of the Czech Republic - completion
Researchers: Štěpánková Jitka (researcher)
Provider: GA ČR
Realization from: 2007
Realization to: 2009
Summary: Among the basic works of the Czech botanical literature, the nine-volume Flora of the Czech Republic represents the most extensive and comprehensive encyclopaedia. The seven volumes published since 1988 to 2004 include the treatment of 2576 numbered species. This project aims to finalize this compendium. Particular objectives are: to finalize editorial work on vols. 8 and 9; to make Supplement to previously published volumes. This Supplement will effectively synthesize the most important floristic and taxonomic information published since 1988. It will include all taxa of territory of the Czech Republic discovered as new since the original treatment, data on changes in distribution, up-to-date lists of endemic taxa and taxa described from the territory of CR, lists of additional chromosome numbers and bibliography, statistical tables and an index to vols. 1-9.

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