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Red List of lichens of the Czech Republic

Name: Red List of lichens of the Czech Republic
Researchers: Liška (Průhonice) Jiří (researcher)
Provider: GA ČR
Realization from: 2003
Realization to: 2005
Summary: The subject of biodiversity has been receiving increasing international attention and the awareness of its importance since the 1992 UNCED Meeting in Rio de Janeiro. Red lists of threatened plants and animals represent helpful and promising tool in thestrategy of biodiversity preservation. Aim of the project is publication of a first version of the Red List of lichens because such list has never been published in the Czech Republic (neither for the whole country nor for its parts). Lichenology is afield of botany with more than 200 years history at the territory of the present Czech Republic. In total, over 1500 lichen species have been recorded. However, some data on distribution are rather out of date and some taxa are supposed to be extinctnow. Lichens (namely epiphytes) are generally highly sensitive to air pollution and therefore high proportion of our lichen flora is potentially threatened. Our lichen flora is supposed to be more severely impoverished in comparison with nearby countries

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