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Monograph of European heterocytous cyanobacteria.

Name: Monograph of European heterocytous cyanobacteria.
Researchers: Komárková Jaroslava (member in research team)
Provider: GA AVČR
Realization from: 2007
Realization to: 2009
Summary: Modern monographs of coccoid and trichal cyanobacteria were edited in last years in editorial house Elsevier. This compedium contains review of diversity of all European cyanobacterial taxa and reviews of genera over the world (see citations). The present grant should support the elaboration of the third (last) part of this monographic series (containing heterocytous genera, which represent one monophyletic cluster). The monograph is urgent in respect to numerous changes based on molecular studies, and resulting from modern polyphasic evaluation of cyanobacterial diversity. The authors participated in numerous studies of this revision. The edition is provided in the frame of the compendium Süsswasserflora von Mitteleuropa (Elsevier), but without any financial support.

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