Project Detail


Name: KJB600050503
Researchers: Hájek Tomáš (researcher)
Adamec Lubomír (researcher)
Provider: GA AV ČR
Realization from: 2005
Realization to: 2007
Summary: Spagnul cell walls produce sphagnan, a polysaccharide which imparts to them two exceptional properties concerning their economy with cations and nitrogen in the environment. It si (i) high cation exchange capacity, described long time ago, and (ii) ability to immobilize all forms of reduced nitrogen through reactive carbonyl groups, rediscovered recenty. The importance of nitrogen immobilization in bog ecology and ecophysiology of bog plants, Sphagnum mosses or decomposers has completely been neglected up to now. Project results wil quantify potential exchange and immobilization capacity of sphagnan in six ecologically differenc Sphagnum species. Current content of immobilized and exchangeable forms of nitrogen and cations will be determined in Sphagnum species from peatbogs across gradients of bulk atmospheric deposition of nitrogen and other elements. Thus, we will evaluate the significance of living cells, cation exchange and immobilization in Sphagnum nutrient economy.

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