Project Detail

Mycorrhiza as complex insurance of plants for variable conditions

Name: Mycorrhiza as complex insurance of plants for variable conditions
Researchers: Janoušková Martina (researcher)
Baldassarre Švecová Eva (member in research team)
De La Cruz Carbajal Henry Jose (member in research team)
Caccia Milena Guadalupe (member in research team)
Rydlová Jana (member in research team)
Kolaříková (roz. Sýkorová) Zuzana (member in research team)
Number: 23-05453S
Realization from: 2023
Realization to: 2025
Summary: Symbiosis with root-colonizing arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) increases the resistance of plants against a range of environmental stresses, and may thus stabilize plant performance in fluctuating conditions. The efficiency of this 'complex stress insurance', however, may depend on the identity and diversity of the associated AMF. The main aims of the project are to demonstrate that mycorrhiza decreases variation in plant performance across different stress conditions and relate the effect to AMF community characteristics. We will specifically target AMF communities from arable soils, for which decreased functionality is assumed. The project is based on three cultivation experiments, which will subject different combinations of plants and AMF to three typical stress conditions (water deficiency, root pathogen, defoliation). The project results will contribute to basic knowledge on the functioning of arbuscular mycorrhiza as depending on AMF community composition, but also improve our understanding of the role of mycorrhiza in agroecosystems.

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