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Flora of the Czech republic - vol.8/2

Name: Flora of the Czech republic - vol.8/2
Researchers: Dočkalová Zuzana (member in research team)
Jarolímová Vlasta (member in research team)
Neuhäuslová Zdena (member in research team)
Bělohlávková Radmila (member in research team)
Krahulec František (member in research team)
Kirschner Jan (member in research team)
Kaplan Zdeněk (member in research team)
Chrtek Jindřich (member in research team)
Záveská Drábková Lenka (member in research team)
Hroudová Zdenka (member in research team)
Štěpánek Jan (member in research team)
Provider: GA ČR
Realization from: 2004
Realization to: 2006
Summary: The eight-volume Flora of the Czech Republic is the most complex and detailed work dealing with our vascular plants which is now in the final phase of editing. It is a complex, critical taxonomic and chorological elaboration with karyological, ecologicaland phytocoenological characteristics of individual species. It is based on an original study of plant material, using contemporary methods of study. The treatment of some genera represents even small scale monographs. The first volume was published in 1988 (2nd edition 1997), vol. 2 in 1990 (2nd edition 2003), vol. 3 in 1992 (2nd edition in 2003), vol. 4 in 1995, vol. 5 in 1997, vol. 6 in 2000, vol. 7 is presently ready to print and the first part of the large vol. 8 is in the final phase of elaboration. This Flora is irreplaceable in our botany, representing Czech botany abroad too. The now delivered application deals with the processing of the second, final half of the last, eighth volume of this compendium.

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