Project Detail

Biotechnology of hemp cultivation for CBD products

Name: Biotechnology of hemp cultivation for CBD products
Researchers: Vosátka Miroslav (head – principal researcher)
Fišarová Lenka (member of research team)
Baldassarre Švecová Eva (member of research team)
Number: FV40103
Realization from: 2019
Realization to: 2022
Summary: Aim of the project is research of new progressibve cultivation procedures for selected hemp cultivars characterized by high content of bioactive compounds. Procedures should reduce use of fungicides and maximize production of phytocannabinoids. Procedures will involve inoculations with beneficial soil microbes like mycorrhizal fungi, endophytic bacteria and microalgae that produce compounds supporting germination, solubilization of nutrients in substrates or enhance resistence to phytopathogenic fungi. Inoculation preparate will be formulated and biotechnology of its production and application procedure by simple oating of microbes on the seeds. Further new products will be developer based on microbes and essential oils that have protecting effects against fungal pathogens of plants. The effects of microbes on health status of the plants will be studied and in particular their effects on production of therapeutically important nonpsychotropic compounds like cannabidiol or canabigerol. These will be intended for further use in cosmetics and nutraceutical or pharmaceutical applications (antibacterial, antiinflamatory and antipain effects). Cultivation technologies will be compared in soil and soilless substrates and by advanced analytical tools the content of target compounds in different cultivation including metabolom of compounds in the plants will be studied. Ultimate goal of the project is reduction of production costs of phytocannabinoids and increase of their safety due to elimination of fungicides from cultivation.

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