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BIOREFINERY Biorefinery as circulation technology

Name: BIOREFINERY Biorefinery as circulation technology
Researchers: Lukavský Jaromír (head – principal researcher)
Brabcová Hana (member of research team)
Kvíderová Jana (member of research team)
Přibyl Pavel (member of research team)
Provider: Technogická agentura ČR
Number: TN 01000048
Realization from: 2019
Realization to: 2020
Summary: The National Competence Center (NCK) BIOCIRTECH is engaged in the processing of biomass by microbial, plant, animal and waste using chemical, biochemical and physical processes in order to obtain valuable products with high added value usable in the food, agriculture, manufacturing and energy industries. The aim of the center is to create new products from renewable sources processed by environmentally friendly technologies with regard to current social issues (food sustainability, use of natural resources, sustainable energy). The use of primary raw material by biochemical, chemical or physical methods in order to obtain valuable and societal products (new materials, biologically active ingredients, bioplastics, detergents, pharmaceuticals, energy recovery wastes, etc.) can be considered as bio-refining respecting the principles of circular economy. These products may compete with similar products of normal production, or represent new products that can only be produced on a biological basis. The advantage is that waste from one technology can be an input material for further technological use. It can be assumed that this gradual interconnection of primary and secondary raw material or waste inputs will result in economical rationalization of prices of individual products. Within the NCK BIOCIRTECH, the Ministry of the Environment participates in four sub-projects: 01. Processing of animal waste, 03. Modification of algal strains to increase the content of fatty acids and carotenoids and development of methods for their effective isolation from biomass, 04. Valorization of plant biomass by bio-refining Technology for utilization of waste biomass.

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