Project Detail

Botanical Gardens as Part of European Cultural Heritage

Name: Botanical Gardens as Part of European Cultural Heritage
Researchers: Macháčková Markéta (international coordinator)
Sekerka Pavel (head of research group)
Caspers Zuzana (head of research group)
Provider: Evropská unie
Number: 2018-1-CZ01-KA202-048171
Realization from: 2018
Realization to: 2021
Summary: The botanic gardens (BGs) in Europe have similar historical, cultural and social roots but country-specific conditions of their origin, mission and development. The BGs located in different countries have different, country and locally-specific climate, soil, resources, maintenance, pests and diseases. But, after all, they can grow the same plants, focus on the same design. Working in botanic garden has many levels and it can offer many ways of informal learning. Every botanic garden is a unique location for education students, young people and the public. Main goals: A) To communicate with each other, reflect own practice in comparison with others and find similarities, inspiration and mutual understanding of the historical, cultural, social and educational, economic and horticultural characteristics and practice of botanical gardens in different European countries. B) Persons engaged in the project would use their hands and brains to share the good practices and co-operate in the creation of summary outputs for education and training for target group.

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