Project Detail

LIFE for Minuartia

Name: LIFE for Minuartia
Researchers: Pánková Hana (head – principal researcher)
Husáková Iveta (member of research team)
Münzbergová Zuzana (member of research team)
Provider: Evropská Unie - Program LIFE
Number: LIFE15 NAT/CZ/000818
Realization from: 2016
Realization to: 2020
Summary: The main aim of the project is to increase the size of Minuartia smejkalii populations by 40% through several activities: 1. Revitalization of natural habitats 2. Establishment of GenFond Bank (ex-situ protection) 3. Direct enhancement of population size in the nature and reintroduction 4. Involving of local people to plant protection via establishment of specific program of Rescue planting in private gardens The project further focus on enhancement of awareness of local people about specificity of Minuartia smejkalii, its habitats and importance of the NATURA 2000 network for species protection. The project takes into consideration socio-economic impact and impact on ecosystem services.

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