Project Detail

Memory and after-life of clonal plants

Name: Memory and after-life of clonal plants
Researchers: Latzel Vít (researcher)
De Bello Francesco (member in research team)
Münzbergová Zuzana (member in research team)
Provider: Grantová agentura České republiky
Number: GA17-11281S
Realization from: 2017
Realization to: 2019
Summary: In the project we will focus on three clonal species and will test how the epigenetic memory on the past biotic and abiotic experiences with the environment affects their behaviour in the future. We will test whether the shared epigenetic memory between ramets of the clone together with information exchange among interconnected ramets provides clonal plants advantage when facing environments that the clonal plant already experienced in the past. Because epigenetic memories can alter not only plant behaviour but also their physiology and chemical composition, we will also focus on the role of plant memories on circulation of nutrients in the ecosystem during plants decomposition.

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